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T-L Commercial 2014

T-L Quick Tow Pivot Demo

Towable center pivot or linear move irrigation systems must be able to move quickly and easily from location to location when irrigation timing is critical. Rotating the wheels for towing can be a difficult task in a muddy field on a hot day.

T-L’s exclusive scissor jack design utilizes the availability of hydraulics to lift the towers enabling tire rotation in minutes. While others are struggling, you will be on your way to the new location irrigating more acres more efficiently.

T-L Irrigation Pivots out Perform the Competition

T-L’s pivot irrigation systems are constructed with high-strength truss rods and a double tower-leg design. Components are zinc coated by T-L’s galvanizing plant to prevent rust. Features such as external flex joints, unexposed drive shafts, no universal joints, and the absence of contactors and fuses contribute toward making T-L systems trouble free.

T-L Pivot Irrivation – Continuous Movement

T-L’s hydrostatic pivot drive delivers numerous advantages electrically driven center pivots can’t: Continuous pivot irrigation machine movement, which is critical to uniform water distribution, especially in low-pressure situations; Improved traction reducing the chances for getting stuck; and a constant-pressure-variable volume hydraulic pump ensuring full torque at any speed.

T-L Pivot Irrigation Continuous Movement

T-L Irrigation worm drive gearboxes carry an a pivot industry leading warranty, 8 years or 16,000 hours. The irrigation pivots have no exposed drive lines or ujoints, with an internal drive connection inside the base beam.

Joel Armistead: T-L Irrigation Testimonial

Joel Armistead is from Adairville, Kentucky and has been using T-L pivots since the 2008 growing season. Using the T-L pivot irrigation system, Armistead was able to save $10 to $12 an acre on what it would cost to apply insecticide with a plane because he could apply it through the T-L pivot.